“Greenways connect the places we live with the places we love.”


As progress continues at an accelerated pace to make the entire Litchfield Community Greenway a reality we are looking for additional members to help with the effort.  Our meetings take place the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5:30 PM at E J Murphy’s office.  Please join us & see for yourself how you can make our Greenway a success.

Pictures of our Progress!

Biker and runner
walker 2
winter on ghost trail
Mom and kid @ marsh
dog walker

The Litchfield Community Greenway


Many towns have converted unused railroad beds to updated greenways allowing the public to walk and ride their bikes through some of the most scenic areas of Connecticut.  Litchfield’s old railroad bed had attracted the attention of a group of citizens who have been working together for many years to make that dream of making a trail on the railroad bed into a reality. Phase one of the Litchfield Community Greenway is approximately a 2 mile trail that winds from Russell Street through wooded areas and along the Bantam River. It is a scenic and peaceful place in the midst of a lively town.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection officially designated the Litchfield Community Greenway as an official state Greenway in 2011. To view the state greenways map from their site click here!

Phase 3

In late 2019, Friends of the Litchfield Community Greenway was  given the go-ahead to construct Phase 3.  Permits and approvals became final and the bobolinks nesting along the planned trail had departed for the season. 

This part of the Greenway extends from the existing trail emerging from White Memorial Conservation Center at Bissell Road, continues along Route 202 West, crosses a new pedestrian bridge over Butternut Brook, and continues toward North Shore Road.  

Footings for the bridge were poured and made ready for construction of the bridge.

November 4, 2019 Litchfield Community Greenway President Clifford Cooper led volunteers in planting 1,000 daffodil bulbs at the bridge location. The bulbs and 1,000 more were donated by Van Engelen and Co. in Bantam (Large Cupped Narcissus Flower Record and Large Cupped Narcissus Fortissimo) and another 1,000 bulbs were yet to be planted.  Watch for a colorful display in Spring 2020!

Photos of Phase 3 progress, and an amazing time-lapse video of building the pedestrian bridge over Butternut Brook:

Butternut Brook "Bridge to Everywhere" Phase 3 of the Litchfield Community Greenway